August 2006

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man at an adding machineContinuing Education Audit Results for 2004 Renewal

* Please note that Continuing Education Audit Results for 2006 Renewal will be available in January 2007

Because we have not distributed a newsletter since January 2003, we take this opportunity to report audit results after the renewal in 2004:

Number of licensees audited: 465 (randomly selected, in-state and out-of-state)
Number of acceptable responses: 455
Number of Cease and Desist Orders issued to those who could not document the required number of hours they claimed on the renewal form: 9
Number of individuals who voluntarily, permanently surrendered their license: 1

We audited 465 licensees, chosen randomly by computer, for the two-year licensure period, July 1, 2002 - June 30, 2004. We received acceptable documentation from 455 licensees. Nine licensees were unable or unwilling to provide documentation of their continuing education. The nine were ordered to Cease and Desist from providing engineering or land surveying services in South Carolina. These individuals no longer hold an active license in South Carolina. If they provide acceptable continuing education, their license will be reinstated administratively. One licensee voluntarily and permanently surrendered his license to practice in South Carolina.

Some tips for the upcoming two-year license period: