May 2009

The Portfolio Process: Alternate Licensure Procedure for Professional Engineers

In June 2007, the South Carolina legislature approved a process for licensure of individuals who hold an engineering technology degree. The "portfolio process” is open until June 30, 2020. As of April 30, 2009, the Board has licensed 16 individuals, and approximately 43 more have been approved to begin the portfolio process.

Section 40-22-222 (B) outlines the process and eligibility requirements for the Portfolio Process: "Through June 30, 2020, individuals who have graduated in a baccalaureate TAC/ABET accredited curriculum and who have successfully passed the NCEES Principles of Practice and Fundamentals of Engineering examinations, and who have completed eight or more years of qualifying experience as an engineer, and who are otherwise qualified for licensure, may present their credentials for evaluation by a committee of professional engineers licensed in this state composed of no less than three practicing engineers, a member or former member of the Board, and a professor of engineering. Applicants for licensure under this subsection must demonstrate sufficient rigor in their scope or depth of qualifying experience, such that the committee can determine that they can meet established standards of engineering practice. Only applicants who are approved under the review process may be licensed as professional engineers. Absent a showing of a change or qualifications to correct deficiencies identified in the review process, no application may be reviewed by the committee more than twice.”

This procedure allows technology graduates to demonstrate their experience through submittal of a portfolio of three projects. Portfolios are reviewed by committees comprised of engineers and professors in that specific discipline; upon acceptance of the portfolio, the applicant is invited for an interview. The committee makes a recommendation to the Board regarding licensure, and the Board then votes on the application.

Many people have assisted the Board in this endeavor by serving on committees. It takes considerable time to review and evaluate the portfolios (usually a 3-inch binder plus plans) and to interview applicants. Every committee member has been conscientious and diligent.

The Board thanks the dedicated engineers, professors and former Board members for their service on these committees:

  • G. Keith McLeod, Jr.             
  • Chimin J. Chao                      
  • Larry B. Copeland                 
  • William T. Knowles, Jr.         
  • L. G. Lewis, Jr.                      
  • Dr. Edward R. Collins, Jr.
  • Stephen F. Csernak                
  • Clarence T. Sherron, Jr.          
  • Thomas C. Carson, Jr.
  • Dr. William J. Kennedy         
  • James T. McCarter                 
  • J. Edward Britt
  • Dr. John C. Hayes                  
  • Dr. Lansford Bell                   
  • John R. Williams
  • Warren E. Maddox                
  • Martin O. Mobley                  
  • Guy R. O'Kelly, Jr.
  • Robert L. Bellamy, Jr.            
  • Donald J. Hamburger             
  • Grace M. McClam
  • Steven L. Bobo                      
  • Dr. Dennis J. Fallon               
  • Christopher L. Partrich
  • Dr. Charng H. Juang              
  • Gene Dinkins                         
  • Dr. Edward L. Hajduk
  • C. Joel Sprague                      
  • Dr. Jamil A. Khan                  
  • Dr. Ali A. Eliadorani
  • Dr. Timothy W. Mays            
  • Gaye Sprague                         
  • Andrew Tolleson
  • Michael Ridgeway                 
  • Dr. Harold Askins, Jr.            
  • Patterson Gambill
  • Kati Holland                          
  • Dr. Joseph Busby                   
  • Joseph H. Gibbons
  • John Q. Adams                      
  • Dr. Curtis Rhodes                  
  • Ralph R. Bouton
  • James V. Williams                  
  • Michael M. Simpson              
  • Robert B. Royal, Jr.
  • Mark B. Peters                       
  • William E. Cary                     
  • William Z. McGhee, Jr.
  • Joseph D. Gaskins                  
  • Dr. Jason S. Skinner               
  • William B. Sykes, Jr.
  • Mitchell S. Tibshrany, Jr.       
  • Dr. Cecil O. Huey, Jr.            
  • William S. Huffstetler
  • Kenneth W. Timmerman        
  • James K. O'Connor               
  • Miller L. Love, Jr.
  • Dr. Hasanul Basher                
  • Anderson M. Kinghorn, Jr.    
  • Thurl M. Amick, Sr.
  • Nancy W. Cottingham           
  • Theresa H. Hodge                  
  • Charles M. Joye, II
  • Dr. Johnston W. Peeples        
  • Dr. James A. Anderson   

The Board needs more reviewers for the Portfolio committees!! If you are interested in serving on a committee, please contact Missy Jones. Licensure is required of the practitioners, but professors are not required to be licensed. Professional Development credit is given for the time spent in meetings.

If you know someone who holds a technology degree and who meets the requirements, please let them know about the Portfolio Process. Information is available on the Board's website or they may contact Administrator Jan Simpson.