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South Carolina Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board


  • What do I need to do in order to be able to work with LP Gas in South Carolina?

There are several steps that must be followed in order to work with LP Gas in South Carolina.

  • An application must be completed and returned to our office with the appropriate fees and a current copy of the general liability insurance.
  • All appropriate licensing exams must be passed.       
  • An inspection must be requested and completed for dealers, resellers, utility plants and cylinder exchange (only if a storage facility for cylinders).

Once equipment is installed, the supplier must make an online request for an inspection of the equipment/installation. An inspection will be conducted by a Deputy State Fire Marshal.  Once equipment/installation has passed inspection and all appropriate fees have been paid, the company license and permit cards of everyone that passed the test, will be issued.   

  • As a Liquefied Petroleum Gas dealer, how do I obtain a final inspection of a new site location?

Once the supplier of propane has ensured that the installation of equipment is compliant with appropriate codes and standards, the dealer (supplier) must visit our website and complete our password protected online inspection request form. The password may be obtained by contacting Ronnie Yonce at 803-896-9802 or

  • How do I obtain a permit card?

All employees working with propane must e-mail a picture for their permit card. Please submit the photograph to Ronnie Yonce at

  • What exams are offered by your office for LP Gas?

We administer two exams. These include:

  • Dealers/Installers exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions. A score of 70 is a passing grade.
  • Reseller/Driver exam consists of 52 multiple choice questions. A score of 70 is a passing grade.
  • How do I register for an exam?

Please call the Office of State Fire Marshal at 1-803-896-9800 (prior to test date) and provide the following:

  • Name
  • Test date, type
  • Company name
  • Contact information
  • How often are exams conducted? Is it open book? Where is the exam given?

Testing is held the first and third Friday of each the month (excluding state holidays) at the OSFM testing classroom. All exams are open book. Testing begins promptly at 10 a.m. and ends at noon. Participants must be on time (we recommend arriving a few minutes early) and bring state issued photo identification. In addition, cell phones and other electronic media are not allowed at the test site.

  • What do I need to study for the Reseller/Driver exam? Can I share my material with another employee testing?

It is recommended that test participants be familiar with NFPA 58, 2008 edition.  Since all exams are open book, feel free to bring the NFPA 58 and the S.C. LP Gas State Statue 40-82-70  and LP Gas Regulations Subarticle 5.  Since the OSFM does not sell NFPA booklets, we recommend asking your propane supplier for any study materials he may be able to provide to you.  No sharing of books is allowed.

  • How can I purchase the NFPA 58, 2008 edition?

The NFPA website has the NFPA 58, 2008 edition available to purchase. 

  • What do I need to study for the Dealer/Installer exam? Can I share my material with another employee testing?

No sharing of books is allowed. For the Dealer/Installer exam, you need to study and are allowed to bring the following:

  • How long do I have to wait for my exam results? 

Exam results are not readily available and will be mailed. Please allow up to two weeks for exam results. 

  • How often can I take the exam?

Testing is held the first and third Friday of each the month (excluding state holidays) at the OSFM testing classroom. If you fail the exam, you must wait until the next available test day. The second attempt does not result in a passing grade (70 percent), participants must wait 30 days before re-taking the exam.

  • How long are the licenses and permit cards valid?

They are valid for a two year period. 
Current licenses and permit cards expire June 30, 2012. All licenses and permits expire every two years on June 30, regardless of the date issued (even years). If applicable, please keep your license active. If not renewed on time, the licensee wanting to work in S.C. must retake and pass the exam.

  • What are the fees?

We accept credit cards (Visa/MasterCard only) and checks made payable to the State of S.C.
The employee/permit card fee is $50. The exam fee is $25.

  • Is there an age requirement for working with propane in South Carolina?

Yes, employees must be at least 18 years old.

  • Does everyone who pumps propane have to be certified and hold a permit card?

No, employees may work under a permitted employee's certification. However, the permitted employee is responsible for the training of others, and is held responsible.   This training must be documented in writing in each employees training file. 

  • Does South Carolina have reciprocity with other states?

Reciprocity is not offered. In order to work in S.C. with LP Gas, you must pass the S.C. exam.

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