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South Carolina Board of Occupational Therapy

Continuing Education, Chapter 94, Occupational Therapists

(Statutory Authority: 1976 Code Section 40-36-5 et seq.)

Article 1. Definitions.

94-01. Definitions.

Definitions found in Section 40-36-20 apply to this chapter.

(1) Continuing education means an organized educational program designed to expand a licensee's knowledge base beyond the basic entry-level educational requirements for occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants. Course content must relate to health care whether the subject is research, treatment, documentation, education, or management.

(2) One contact hour is fifty (50) minutes of instruction or organized learning.

Article 4. Continuing Education.

94-08. Continuing Education.

Continuing education requirements become effective upon approval by the Governor and must first be reported beginning in 2003 and thereafter.

(1) Every licensed occupational therapist and occupational therapy assistant shall earn sixteen (16) contact hours of acceptable continuing education credit per biennium year. Of the sixteen (16) contact hours, eight (8) must be related to direct patient care. The remaining eight (8) contact hours may be in any area directly related to health care, subject to Board approval, including, but not limited to supervision, education, documentation, quality assurance, and administration.

(2) Standards for approval of continuing education. A continuing education activity, which meets all of the following criteria, is appropriate for continuing education credit:

(a) It constitutes an organized program of learning (including a workshop or symposium) which contributes directly to the professional competency of the licensee; and

(b) It pertains to common subjects or other subject matters which integrally relate to the practice of occupational therapy; and

(c) It is conducted by individuals who have a special education, training, and experience by reason of which said individuals should be considered experts concerning the subject matter of the program and is accompanied by a paper, manual, or outline which substantively pertains to the subject matter of the program and reflects program schedule, including:

(i) Fulfilling stated program goals or objectives, or both;

(ii) Providing proof of attendance to include original certificate with participant's name, date, place, course title, presenter(s), and number of program contact hours; and

(d) The Board will not grant prior approval but each licensee will be responsible for ensuring that each course submitted for continuing education credit meets these standards.

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