Q. How many hours of appraisal continuing education do I need and when is it due?

A. An appraiser needs a total of twenty-eight (28) hours of continuing education of which seven (7) hours of instruction must be in the National USPAP Update Course. A licensee has twenty-four (24) months to accrue this continuing education and the deadline is the expiration date reflected on the pocket card of the license.

If a licensee's pocket card reflects an expiration date of June 30, 2010 then twenty-eight (28) hours of continuing education must be obtained between the dates of July 1, 2008 and June 30, 2010. Appraisers are on a biennial renewal cycle.

Q. Where can I locate a calendar of qualifying and continuing education appraisal courses?

A. Document #400 is the Course Calendar that includes both appraisal qualifying as well as continuing education courses.

Q. Can appraisal courses be taken online?

A. Qualifying appraisal courses must be taken in the classroom but continuing education courses may be taken online or in the classroom.

Q. May an appraiser take qualifying education (QE) courses for continuing education credit?

A. The only way an appraiser may receive continuing education credit is if these QE courses are selected from a higher classification level than that of the appraiser. If, for example, I am a certified residential appraiser then the courses taken for continuing education credit must be QE10 - QE14 level courses from the certified general classification or a qualifying education elective (QEE) course. If I am a certified general appraiser then I must take continuing education courses and not QE courses.