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South Carolina Real Estate Appraisers Board


Attention all Appraisers Licensed with the SC Real Estate Appraisers Board

  • Important information for all Appraisal Management Companies and Appraisers licensed with the South Carolina Real Estate Appraisers Board

    Appraisal Management Companies: Companies that are required by law to be registered, should now be actively registered with the South Carolina Real Estate Appraisers Board. The deadline for registration was February 1, 2018. If you are not registered, you cannot conduct business in South Carolina until properly registered. Registration information has been posted on the Board’s website since the AMC Bill was approved by the Governor in May 2017.

    You may use the Licensee Lookup on the Board’s website to verify if an individual company is registered in South Carolina. You also may order a roster of Appraisal Management Companies. The request for the roster must be in writing and accompanied by a $10.00 fee that can be paid with a check or money order.

    Real Estate Appraisers: Appraiser renewals will begin around the first of May. You cannot renew your license until that time. Renewal notices will be sent out once the renewal process begins. If your address is correct in the Board’s system, you should receive a renewal notice, and at that time you will be able to go online to renew or print a renewal form from the Appraisers Board website.

    Please make sure to activate your free account with CE Broker and report any continuing education not reported by the approved providers: . When you log in to your account with CE Broker, if all your continuing education has been reported, it will indicate that you are complete. If you are not showing complete, contact the provider where you took the course or self-submit the course to your account. All Real Estate Appraiser-approved providers should now be reporting all classes to CE Broker.

    The USPAP manual is still available on the Real Estate Appraisers Board website. You can find the link to download the manual under Board News under the third bullet point. You can download the manual any time up to April 1, 2018 for free. Once the manual is removed from the Real Estate Appraisers Board website, you will have to purchase the manual from the Appraisal Foundation.

  • This message is being sent as a reminder to all licensees of the SC Real Estate Appraisers Board to activate an account with CE Broker if you have not already done so. The Board is partnering with CE Broker to track continuing education for all licensees.

  • All appraisers, who intend to renew their license (active or inactive), will have to have an account set up with CE Broker and assure all continuing education is reported before a license can be renewed.

    Please remember, all continuing education has to be completed within the renewal period, so 2018 renewal should have continuing education dated between 7/1/2016 and 6/30/2018. You cannot renew until ALL continuing education is completed and reported. For those licensees taking qualifying education courses that do count as continuing education, you will have to self-report those courses. Also remember, qualifying education courses are only allowed to be used if they are above your current level of licensure.

  • The Board is starting to review self-submitted courses on CE Broker. Do not forget that all appraisers must take the 2018-19 7-hour USPAP Update before renewing. The 2016-17 Update course will not be accepted for this requirement. Also, approved Real Estate Commission courses do not count for appraiser continuing education. However, you can use an appraiser CE course for your elective hours if you also hold a real estate license.

  • ***If you have certificates from courses you took in 2016 (after July 1st) and in 2017 (before June 1st) make sure to self-submit these courses. However, if you have taken courses since CE Broker began (around June 2017) you DO NOT have to submit these courses. The providers should now be submitting any courses you are currently taking. If you find that a provider has not submitted your course, please notify the Real Estate Appraisers Board. Please give the provider 2-3 weeks to upload this information to CE Broker.***

  • For out-of-state licensees, you, too, need to set up an account with CE Broker. Out-of-state licensees are exempt from completing continuing education requirements for South Carolina as long as they are current and in good standing with their resident state. Once you set up your account with CE Broker, you can choose the option for exemption. As long as you are in compliance with your continuing education as required by your licensing state, South Carolina will verify your license through the National Registry. If you have any questions, please contact customer support with CE Broker (information listed below).

  • As always, you can contact staff at the Real Estate Appraisers Board for answers to any of your questions concerning laws, policies and other appraiser requirements. However, if you have questions concerning setting up your account or problems with your account with CE Broker, please contact the company’s customer support directly.


    (877) 434-6323



    Hyperlink (Activate Your Free Basic Account):

  • Please continue to take time to review the Real Estate Appraisers Board's website regularly ( Important information will be shared through the website under Board News. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact staff directly.

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